Protective Wear | Butyl aprons, gloves, and nitrile

Protective Wear

Butyl Protection
Front snapping jacket, overall, and hood are made from green Butyl coated fabric. Butyl gear is used for protection from chemicals and/or spraying. Jackets are available with optional glove installation. All components may be purchased separately. All stitching is sealed with liquid seam sealant and then sealed with tape. We also offer a Butyl coverall with diagonal zipper and Butyl rubber flap for leakage protection. Butyl gear is available in sizes medium – 60 special. Industries: Crop Dusters, Chemical Handlers, Hazmat Transporters

Nitrile Protection
Made from nitrile rubber coated fabric, this suit provides protection from high-temp liquid spillage and harsh chemicals. Seams are sealed with a specialized white heat sealed tape to insure protection from leaks. Jacket snaps in the front and overalls (shown right) have suspenders for easy fit. Optional customizing with your logo. Jackets and overalls are available in medium – 7XL sizes. Industries: Refineries, Drilling Rigs, Chemical Plants

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Custom Coated Neoprene Raincoats
(front & back) The ultimate in rain protection. Our custom raincoats are made from cotton cloth coated with black neoprene. Black exterior black with white interior. Front snaps and a back slit provide easy riding access. Industries: ATV Riders, Equestrians, Ranchers & Farmers, Outdoor Work
Coated NeoprenePonchos with Opt. Hood(not shown) Our hooded poncho was worn by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie “Ashecliffe”. They are constructed of cotton fabric coated with black neoprene rubber on the exterior and white interior. These ponchos keep you nice and dry on those miserable wet days. Ranchers tell us that the poncho combined with a ground cloth can improvise a nice personal tent. Sold without hood. Optional hood available. Industries: ATV Riders, Equestrians, Ranchers & Farmers, Outdoors